About Us

Meet sisters Maddie and Rachel.

Growing up, Maddie was “good at math.” Rachel was…not.

Dr. Maddie earned a PhD from MIT in cognitive development with a focus in early math learning; Rachel went to art school, getting an MFA from NYU.

After Rachel's first daughter was born, she turned to Maddie for help. There were endless resources for literacy and language, but few for nurturing early math skills.

Maddie had been bringing a joyful, play-based approach to research studies, curriculum design, and children’s museums for years—but she’d found that the science behind early math learning wasn’t reaching parents or preschools.

Together, they started Grow Into Math to bridge the gap between math research and families, translating academic knowledge into fun, engaging games to give children everything they need for kindergarten math readiness.

Maddie and Rachel are dedicated to ending the idea of children who are “bad at math,” and helping to create a new generation of intuitive, joyful math learners.