Early math skills matter.

Grow Into Math helps busy parents build their preschooler’s intuitive understanding of math through joyful play.


Science-Based Success

Designed to bridge the gap between academic research and families, Grow Into Math brings research-backed methods into your home.

Easy to Implement

Clear, easy-to-play games empower you to turn any moment or household object into an opportunity to grow your child’s math skills.

End Math Anxiety

Break the cycle of math anxiety and find the joy in learning together. No worksheets, no tests, and no rote memorization—we promise.

Why Grow Into Math?

Preschool math skills are the #1 indicator of future academic success, but only 1 in 180 interactions between parents and children involve math talk. We want to help you take advantage of this crucial phase of learning to develop your child’s lifelong love of math. 

We design Grow Into Math activities for busy parents and caregivers to implement through play in just a few minutes a day—because everyone can be “good at math.” 

Develop your child’s intuitive understanding of math

Connect with your child through math-centered play 

Find easy ways to incorporate math talk into your day

Bring the science of math learning into your home

Prepare for kindergarten readiness without worksheets

Set your child up for continued academic success

End math anxiety, worksheets, and flash cards

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Meet Dr. Maddie Pelz

Hi! I’m Dr. Maddie. I have a PhD from MIT in Cognitive Development with a focus on early math learning. I’ve spent years translating complex research into fun and easy games designed to help children build their preschool math skills. 

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